About The Klapp Family

I'm Meredith..... 
A 33 year old art teacher, photographer, mother & wife. I married my soul mate, Phillip in 2008. In April of 2011 we added the love of our lives to our home, and had a beautiful baby girl, Elise. My friends and family are my whole world. I love the outdoors, music, cooking, and working in the yard. I have a beautiful life I am so grateful for. Although everything seems perfect on the outside, I have lived with a disease called Ulcerative Colitis for over 14 years. I started showing symptoms when I was a teenager. Fortunately, I found a great GI specialist who helped me managed it well with medication, diet, and regular colonoscopy screenings. However, during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I had some complications and a tumor was found in my colon wall. Many tests were done over the next few months. When Elise was 4 months old I was officially diagnosed with stage II colon cancer. This sent our whole world spinning. In October of 2011 I had a total colectomy & JPouch surgery, and currently have a temporary ileostomy while I undergo chemotherapy. In this blog, my husband Phillip and I will write to document my surgeries, procedures, and emotional challenges we face as a family during this challenging time in our lives. Some of our blog posts may contain graphic writing of my life with Ulcerative Colitis, and the surgeries I will be undergoing due to Colon Cancer. This blog is intended to help keep family, friends, and co-workers up to date with my progress. We will be writing the good, bad, sometimes funny, and downright ugly side of our journey as a family through my surgeries. We want to include as much information as possible. Hopefully it will explain some things that are difficult and sometimes awkward to discuss. Hopefully it will be therapeutic for me to write. But mostly I hope, that just maybe someone who is dealing with the same situation, will stumble across this and it will help them....

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  1. Dear Meredith,
    I am David. i am really happy to find your page.My mom ,62 yrs old, has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Because tumor was big, surgeon prescribed chemo and radiation therapy. Commencement of these procedure was the start of problem, high fever, no appetite and these days she can't walk. Our, big concern is if she walk again or not. Unfortunately, she is in low spirit, what we can do.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.