Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post 5: Telling co-workers and friends

Telling people has been really difficult for me. I let my principal and school nurse at school know. My family and two of my best friends. Phillip had to call and tell my family. I just couldn't bear to do it. I don't want to upset anybody. Seeing people upset tears me up. I know it's because they love me, and I am so grateful to have such strong support from my family and friends. But I just don't like seeing the saddness in their eyes. It makes my heart hurt. The only other person I told was my student teacher. I let her know what was going on too, since I would have to miss some days for doctor appointments. She has been wonderful and is doing a great job with my classes. I am so grateful to have her here because it really helps ease my mind to know my classes will be in good hands when I am out of school for surgery. Other than these people, I didn't want to tell anyone. Not yet....I guess I just wanted to go to work and have a normal day. I didn't want to constantly think about all of this. Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around all of this. Sometimes it doesn't feel real. I am a private person and even this blog is kind of hard for me to write. It really does help me collect my thoughts though. My doctors and principal suggested I do it. And it has helped me sleep better when I can just get it all out. I haven't posted this blog yet or made it public. (It's mid September now) It's just for my eyes at the moment. When I go into surgery and I won't be at work for a little while, I will post it so if anyone has questions they can read if they want. That way I don't have to keep saying everything over again. My principal has been so supportive and basically helped me tell my co-workers. I just couldn't do it. I don't have the energy or the emotional strength to tell it over and over. I knew I had to let the cat out of the bag eventually. She sent out a wonderful & positive email to let the faculty know.......

"Please keep Meredith Klapp in your thoughts and prayers. 
Some of you might remember that last week of Meredith's pregnancy in May when she got so sick before baby Elise was born.  Thanks to her doctor, some tests were run that week that revealed a mass in her colon.  Further tests were ordered -- including a referral to Shands.  Meredith just recently found out that she has colon cancer.  Yesterday's appointment revealed that it is a Stage 2 cancer that is fully contained in the colon.  Meredith will be meeting with her surgeon at Shands next week to determine what her treatment options will be.  All we know right now is that she will have to have surgery to remove that area.
As you can well imagine, this has been a shock to Meredith and her family.  Meredith is not experiencing any symptoms and speaks with relief that because she had Elise, the doctors were able to find the mass.  Colon cancer is rare in someone so young -- but we feel very optimistic with her prognosis. 
Meredith, I know I speak for everyone at DES - You are loved and we will be there for you every single step of the way.  You have a HUGE family behind you and we will get through this together.
I often tell others about the amazing acts of kindness that I see day in and day out in the land of Dewar.  I have no doubt that Meredith will feel strengthened by our love and care for her during this difficult time".

This took a big weight off my shoulders. It was a bit overwhelming to have people coming up to me and saying they were sorry and that they were praying for me. I have never felt so much love. I am really feeling the prayers & I am so thankful for being surrounded by such wonderful people.

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