Monday, October 24, 2011

Post 12: Surgery Went Well!

Hello everyone, Phillip here, Meredith is resting so I am taking a shot at blogging. Today started early for us. We were up at 3am so we could make it to Shands by 6am. The hardest part of this morning was definitely leaving our little girl behind. Elise woke up just in time for us to feed her before we left. Meredith said that she flashed her little grin at her as she dozed back asleep, a perfect goodbye she said. The drive was pretty uneventful and the hour and a half flew by.We got to the hospital right on time and they took her back pretty quickly. They really had things moving along for it being so early in the morning. They let me back as everyone was coming by to make sure everything was in order. My dad was in town so he stopped by and said a prayer for us and let us know he loved us. We briefly met with the stoma nurse and she marked Meredith for her stoma X marks the spot! After that we met with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, they gave her a little something to start calming her down and within seconds she just started chatting, I kissed her and they took her back...

Meredith's mom and sister joined me in the wait after they dropped Elise off at daycare and made the drive. The surgery lasted six hours and they kept her in recovery for another 3 hours before they let us see her. After the surgery the doctor came out and told us the operation went better than expected and we are now waiting for pathology results. The wait was really hard but it was good to finally see her. Unfortunately Meredith was having a pretty serious panic attack and it took a bit before they could give her something to calm her. She is resting now and doing much better.

I have really got to thank the staff at Shands. To this point they have exceeded my expectations and have really gone the extra step in helping feel that we are in good hands. Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers, we will be home soon.

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